Auteur(s) Mathie, R. G.; Wals, A.E.;
Organisatie SME
Jaar 2022
Uitgever SME

A Whole School Approach (WSA) provides a framework for re-orienting and redesigning education considering emerging global sustainability challenges. It invites a holistic, systemic, co-creative and reflexive effort by all stakeholders involved in education to meaningfully engage students in complex sustainability challenges. A WSA is not a tool or a prescription for implementing a topic or a specific agenda like ESD, but rather a means to encourage schools to use the WSA as a thinking tool for educational innovation generally. A WSA is a concept in which multiple themes can be simultaneously addressed within the overarching umbrella of ‘sustainability’ or ‘sustainable development,’ not by reducing them to ‘learning tasks’, but as entry points to a different way of working and living. This report provides provides an analysis of practical examples of the use of a WSA to help achieve Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 4 - Quality Education for all, and all the other connecting SDGs. Distinct but inevitably connected and reinforcing features of a WSA are highlighted: Curriculum design assessment and development; Pedagogical innovation; School management and leadership; School-community relationships; Professional development of all staff; and Institutional practices – The school as a ‘living laboratory’ for experimenting with healthy, equitable, democratic, and ecologically sustainable living. Schools engaging with a WSA from sixteen countries (Japan, The Netherlands, Mongolia, USA, South Africa, Cyprus, Norway, Canada, India, Hongkong, UK, Finland, Türkiye ,Nepal, Uruguay, and Kazakhstan) have contributed to the report. They have provided critical examples of exemplary practices b that not only highlight success stories, best-practice principles, and strategies, but also struggles, set-backs and challenges and approaches to overcome them.

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Inhoud van NME duurzaamheid (duurzame ontwikkeling), internationaal (samenwerking/wereldburgerschap), whole school approach (WSA)
Pedagogiek/didactiek professionalisering (kwaliteit), systeemdenken, waarden (-vorming, ethiek)
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