Auteur(s) Wals, A.E.J.
Jaar 2009
Uitgever Wageningen Academic Publishers

This comprehensive volume - containing 27 chapters and contributions from six continents - presents and discusses key principles, perspectives, and practices of social learning in the context of sustainability. Social learning is explored from a range of fields challenged by sustainability including: organizational learning, environmental management and corporate social responsibility; multi-stakeholder governance; education, learning and educational psychology; multiple land-use and integrated rural development; and consumerism and critical consumer education. An entire section of the book is devoted to a number of reflective case studies of people, organizations and communities using forms of social learning in moving towards sustainability.

Plaats van uitgave Wageningen
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Pagina's 537
Doelgroepen HBO, Universitair Onderwijs, NME-werkers, Volwassenen
Inhoud van NME duurzaamheid (duurzame ontwikkeling)
Pedagogiek/didactiek sociaal leren
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