Auteur(s) Van Matre, S.
Jaar 1990
Uitgever Institute for Earth Education

For over twenty years the public has been led to believe that there is a serious educational response underway regarding the environmental problems of the earth. It is not true. The environmental movement has been led astray: + trivialized by mainstream education + diluted by those with other agendas + co-opted by the very agencies and industries that have contributed so much to the problems

This book proposes another direction, an alternative that many environmental leaders and teachers around the world have already taken. It is called The Earth Education Path, and anyone can follow it in developing a genuine educational program made up of magical learning adventures.

Earth education aims to accomplish what environmental education set out to do, but didn't: to help people improve upon their cognitive and affective relationship with the earth's natural communities and life support systems, and begin crafting lifestyles that will lessen their impact upon those places and processes on behalf of all the earth's passengers.

If you care about the health of our troubled planet, then you should read what this internationally known educator has to say about how we lost a whole generation of teachers and leaders and what you can do to help them find their way again.

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Inhoud van NME duurzaamheid (duurzame ontwikkeling), energie (-transitie), internationaal (samenwerking/wereldburgerschap), klimaat (-adaptatie), milieu, natuur, natuurbescherming
Pedagogiek/didactiek waarden (-vorming, ethiek)
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